Research Center for Consumer Behavior (RCCB)
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Research Center for Consumer Behavior (RCCB)

Set up in March 2010, RCCB is composed of 8 researchers. This team is dedicated to promoting the closely combination of study of consumer behavior with marketing practice of enterprises, conducting the comparative study of international consumer  behavior and widely taking part in the public-interest activities concerning consumer education through understanding the characteristics of native consumer behavior. RCCB has taken “Trust, Cooperation, and Progress” as its team culture and consumer decision-making, consumer  behavior in tourism, Internet and consumer  behavior, consumer cocreation, consumer education as research interests. RCCB, AUFE looks forward to close cooperation with specialized survey companies, governmental institutions, enterprises, social organizations to carry out the welfare activities concerning marketing strategy, market survey, employee training, management consultation and consumer education.

Contact us:
Song Sigen
Address:962,Caoshan Road,Bengbu,Anhui province, China. 
Postal Code:233030



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